Nothing better than teaming up the iconic duo Wiz Khalifa and Bash to launch a campaign for the most iconic cookie in the world. We start with the first spot during the Grammy’s featuring Wiz inspiring you to not let adulthood be a fun sucker and remember to Stay Playful. Also, on the same night, and for the first time, Wiz dropped a track on an Oreo cookie with a limited edition Music Box, and a side B, when you play with the creme side, with an instrumental version letting you rap over it and trying to beat Wiz’s playfulness.


Oreo Stay Playful Campaign @ The Martin Agency

Role: creative direction, art direction, design lead

Creative Directors: Rique Santiago, David Muhlenfeld

Concept: Devin Heatley, Brittany Tooker

Production Company: Radical Media

Director: Dave Meyers

Music Box Production Company: Rebel & Rogue