The technology of the New Fiesta is so amazing that it makes something as extraordinary as a Spaceship look dull, compared to the experience of driving the car.



ECD: Vico Benevides

CD: Rodrigo Strozemberg, Arnaldo Boico

Creatives: Henrique Santiago, Rafael Hessel, Gabriel Lisboa, Mauricio Gomes

Role: concept, art direction, illustration


TVC Spot

"Ford Fiesta, Unbelievably Amazing"

Teaser Social Videos

Youtube short videos showcasing the main features from Fiesta compared to the spaceship.


Media System/Applink

SYNC with Spotify



"Ford presents: Close Encounters"

"They came from another planet, but the biggest surprise was on Earth."

"They couldn’t imagine what we were capable of."

"The encounter of two distant galaxies has never been so close."